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Toni Henry

"Compassionate, caring and in tune with the “Body”.

For over 3 years, regular monthly visits and Toni’s keen sense of procedure needed has brought pain relief and good quality of Life.

By adding Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, I feel we have put together a well
Rounded plan of well being.

Toni is simply the best!"

FLO Tampa, FL.

"For the past 5 years I have been under the care of Toni Henry for both Massage and Acupuncture treatments. I find her to be very professional in her manner, and very caring and conscientious in regards to her patient care. Her schedule allows for flexibility both evenings and some weekends. I have been in the health care profession for over 9 years,and I would highly recommend this exemplary therapist to anyone in need of a good massage or acupuncture therapy."

Sincerely a Happy Patient,

Doriane D. Grybos

"I had suffered with chronic back pain for nearly 30 years, finally resulting in back surgery. Even after successful surgery, there were recurring episodes of nagging back pain. Ten years ago I began a program of regular monthly massage treatments with Toni Henry at The Health Center. The results have been truly remarkable, with almost no back pain, I would recommend Toni to anyone suffering from back pain."

Jerry McBride

"In 1985, I became very ill. I was chronically tired, had little or no appetite, and severe abdominal aches. After seeing my personal physician and an Osteoporosis doctor who after a few adjustments stated that my back felt like a piece of steel I then began seeing a chiropractor, which would provide temporary relief. I would feel great when I left the appointment but within hours the aches would return. After voicing concerns to a co-worker I was referred to Toni at The Health Center. I have continued to see Toni on a regular basis for 25 years, not only are her treatments relaxing, but I feel certain that they have contributed to my overall good health."

Charlotte McBride