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Toni Henry

Dr. Goldberg

Thirty-two years ago, Sydney Frasca attended a lecture on Rolfing™. She was a professional woman with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of South Florida and a career as a social worker.

She had no aches or pains, no scary diagnosis, and no dissatisfaction with herself.
She was curious.
“Could the body really be changed through manipulation?” she wondered.
“And what difference does it make?”
Three years later, she quit her 13-year job to help make that difference.

Certified Rolfer™ was a job few people had heard of. Some thought her rash, others worried she would starve. Most expected her to return to her social work career. She’s been a Rolfer™ now for 28 years. She trained at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado, becoming a Certified Rolfer™ in l983, and receiving her Advanced Rolfer™ certification in l996. She practices in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Sydney’s intention in her practice is to accept the challenge Dr. Ida Rolf, the pioneer and teacher, made to Rolfers™ to be “dedicated to this purpose of improving the world into which they were born, creating a new model of cooperative endeavor to bring order and serenity and purpose within the world of men by creating more appropriate physical instruments for their residence.”

The philosophy of structural integration and the work of Rolfing™ were catalysts for more study.

These courses embrace, as Sydney does, the ability of everyone to self–heal. They contribute to her work in the Rolfing™ room, providing tools to help her clients take care of themselves: to find balance, be purposeful and love their lives.